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The best BYO restaurants in Brisbane (and what to bring)

Want to nail that BYO pairing on your Brissie food adventures? This guide to Brisbane’s top BYO restaurants has the right drinks to bring and where to buy them.

best BYO restaurants in Brisbane liquorland

Whether it’s date night, a special birthday, or simply catching up with mates, there is always an excuse to head out for dinner. And who could blame you when there’s such great diversity and quality of eateries around Brisbane?


As enjoyable as eating is – and not having to wash up – it can be a luxury if you’re on a budget. The answer? Make a beeline for the best Bring Your Own (BYO) spots in River City, and you can explore the best of Brissie’s dining scene as you enjoy your favourite drinks. Winning.


In fact, you can elevate your meal by choosing precisely what you’d like to drink from the wide selection at Liquorland. With that in mind, we run through some of the best BYO eateries across Brisbane and the best BYO pairing you can take along for the occasion.

Sichuan Bang Bang, Kenmore

Expect big, bold flavours and sensational examples of Sichuan-style cooking at much-loved Kenmore Chinese restaurant Sichuan Bang Bang (@sichuanbangbang). Spice and aromatic flavours are the mainstays, but for those who throw caution to spice, there are still dishes offering less heat.

Nearest Liquorland: Kenmore Plaza, 0.5km

What to bring:
 The lightly sparkling De Bortoli Petit Moscato is off-dry – meaning it’s ever so slightly sweet – and a brilliant way to temper those fiery and hot flavours you expect with Sichuan cooking. You’ll come across ginger and strawberry on the palate, which marries up well with the menu’s dan dan noodles in chilli broth.

Caravansarai, West End

Colour, fragrance, and lively flavours are the hallmarks of outstanding Turkish cuisine, and you’ll find this and more at Caravanserai ( There’s an unmistakable nod to traditional cooking, but also some modern additions using the fantastic produce available to Southeast Queensland. BYO is available on wine, beer and spirits at $4.50 per person.

Nearest Liquorland: West End, 0.07km

What to bring: With lots of chargrilled meats and beautiful dips, you’ll want a drink that can cleanse your palate and keep you moving from one great dish to the next. Bundaberg Alcoholic Lemon Lime Bitters will keep things fresh.

Trang, West End

Vietnamese has fast become one of Australia’s favourite Asian cuisines, and it’s not hard to see why. Trang (@trangrestaurant) capitalises on this movement with authentic tastes and brilliantly prepared dishes and still covers Chinese dishes, so there’s a high chance everybody will be satisfied. Join the droves of other loyal customers in the shell of the historic art deco Rialto Theatre, with BYO at $3.50 per person for beers and spirits and $8 per bottle for wine.

Nearest Liquorland: West End, 0.5km

What to bring:
 All the intricate flavours – such as pho – deserve to be enjoyed for what they are. Ready-to-drink Just Vodka Soda Grape 6% delivers an uncomplicated, easy-going alcoholic beverage that’s refreshing and won’t steal the limelight.

Lefkas Taverna, West End

As Brisbane’s original Greek eatery, this humble West End ode to Greek food is a no-brainer when it comes to eating out. Come for a sociable family-style meal at Lefkas Taverna (@lefkastaverna), where beautiful salads, tantalising dips, and grilled meats are the order of the day. Wednesdays and Thursdays are BYO nights with an $8 charge per bottle.

Nearest Liquorland: West End, 0.01km

What to bring: 
Bearing all the trademarks of a quality Barossa shiraz, with generous hints of dark plum and full-bodiedness, Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz will drink very well next to grilled meats such as lamb souvla and slow-braised beef.

Himalayan Café, New Farm

The thought-provoking flavours of Nepalese and Tibetan fare are enough to make this New Farm favourite one of the most interesting places to dine out. There’s also a vast range of delicious vegetarian dishes, so if you’re a meat eater, you can sample some of the best-tasting non-meat and vegan dishes you’ll likely ever have.

Nearest Liquorland: Adelaide Street, 2.4km

What to bring:
 Crisp and refreshing, Stoneleigh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc will pair well with vegetables, lentils, and any of the prawn dishes. It’s a fruit-forward and citrus-driven wine with typical Marlborough sauvignon blanc traits of gooseberry, passionfruit and grass.

Himalayan Cafe New Farm liquorland

Pasta Club, West End

Pasta is never a bad idea, and this West End ode to the crown jewel of Italian food is an absolute winner. The intimate space at Pasta Club (@pastaaclub) is great for cosy date nights and laughter-filled double date scenarios with a daily-changing menu showcasing incredibly fresh handmade pasta and varying delicious sauces. Tuesday nights are BYO with $15 corkage per bottle. 

Nearest Liquorland: 
West End, 1km

What to bring:
 When in Rome… drink sangiovese. This native Italian grape suits pasta, and particularly rich tomato flavours, to a tee. Tempus Two Graphite Sangiovese is smooth, medium-bodied and has hints of juicy red fruit; crack open a bottle, and you’ll be living la dolce vita.

Ben’s Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant, Woolloongabba

Another brilliant Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant, Ben’s has a massive selection of dishes and enough room for you to invite the whole of your crew. On Friday and Saturday nights, if you amass 15 people or more, you can book their renowned banquet, to a backdrop of complimentary karaoke, no less!

Nearest Liquorland: Fairfield, 3km

What to bring:
 An excellent aperitif and way to start an evening off, Swanning Around Prosecco is dry enough to keep on drinking right through the night, though. Sip alongside seafood, like the steamed coral trout in ginger and shallot.

Sugo It, Bulimba

One of Brisbane’s original and best pizzerias, Sugo It (@sugoit_pizzeria) started when owner Tanya Colonna would visit her father’s hometown in Italy and thought to herself, why don’t we have pizza this good in Brisbane? The rest, they say, is history. Besides stone-baked Italian perfection, they also produce gelato. Tuesdays are BYO with $8 per bottle charges going to local charities. 

Nearest Liquorland: Morningside, 3.3km

What to bring: 
Grab yourself a bottle of Postcards from Italy Prosecco DOC Organic and turn the authenticity up to ten. This real-deal prosecco is dry and crisp and ideal with white meat, particularly the gnocchi with parmesan and smoked pork.

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