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How To Throw An Outlander Dinner Party

Outlander is back and this is reason enough to celebrate. Need convincing? Reason #1: It’s a very entertaining show that teaches you just enough about history that you can fake a deeper general knowledge in academic conversations. Reason #2: Extremely good accents. Reason #3: Jamie in a kilt.

Outlander Dinner Party Liquorland

If you’re having your Jamie-loving mates over to watch an ep (the finale could be a good one) then you should go all out. Buy a kilt! Spend weeks teaching yourself the Scottish accent through YouTube tutorials! Dedicate hundreds of hours to researching the Jacobite Risings from 1688 to 1746, on the off chance that someone asks you a question!

… Or maybe just throw an Outlander-themed party.


The obvious choice is to attempt to turn your living room into the Scottish Highlands. What could be easier! Grab some fake grass (that can be the moors of Scotland) and arrange some rocks in a neat little circle where no-one will trip over them (this will be the time travelling gate that Claire falls into in 1945).

Sprinkle some assorted twigs across the ground. Spend the rest of the evening convincing everyone that they belong there and that you do in fact vacuum the carpet regularly, thank you very much.


Now, you’ve got two options here. Half of Outlander is set in the rugged countryside of Scotland, whereas the other half is set in fancy as heck France. Sacre bleu! We’d suggest a combo of the two delicacies, just so none of your guests get offended and challenge you to a duel during appetisers.

For an easy Scottish snack, try haggis – just kidding, we’d suggest making some scones and serving a rustic hunk of bread with cheese and shaved ham. For the French element try gougeres, which are savoury cheese biscuits made from butter, eggs, flour and a LOT of cheese.

“Carbs are extremely important in Outlander, please stay true to the show. Thank you,” – The writers of Outlander, probably.


The classic Scottish beverage would have to be whisky – and we’ve got plenty of different ones to choose from at Liquorland, tbh. If you are a bit intimidated by the idea of drinking it neat (that’s just a glass of straight whisky) mix it with some ginger ale and a wedge of lime and pretend that that’s how they drink it on the show.

You can also make some super simple French cocktails, like a mix of gin, elderflower and tonic water (perfect for swanning about Versailles and frowning at enemies) or the French 75, which is a cocktail of gin, brandy and champagne.

If you’re not into spirits, serve some tankards of ale, Sassenach! (Or in 2017 terms: just pour a bottle of beer in a pint glass, mate.)

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