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The Rum Gift Guide

Father’s Day? Mother’s Day? Christmas? We’ve got the perfect spirit for every gift-giving occasion. Rum can be a misunderstood spirit, but it’s really incredibly versatile. Whether you like it best in a cocktail or on the rocks, we’ve got a bottle for every taste!

For the most pirate-y person in your life (Dad? Your girlfriend? Your boss?) spiced rum is always a great shout. Our pick would be a flavoursome rum that is named after a great monster of the deep sea – The Kraken!

Thankfully, this Caribbean black spiced rum is not as terrifying as it sounds. Distilled in Trinidad and Tobago, the rum boasts a blend of 13 secret spices and is very peppery in taste. Nice on its own or in a Dark N’ Stormy.


Pick up if you like: pirates!

Know someone who loves a sweet cocktail? Then boy, do we have a recommendation for you. Malibu is a super distinctive and delicious rum that is a perfect gift for a loved one who isn’t a fan of the darker, spicier rum varieties.

What makes it so iconic? Malibu has a very unique coconut flavour that pairs exceptionally well with juice. Gin and juice? Rum and juice is where it’s at now.

Pick up if you like: Snoop Dogg.

Spiced rum has been incredibly popular in the last few years, so is probably a great gift for the trendsetter in your life. The good thing about it is that you can mix it with other things (like ginger beer and lime) and the flavours of the rum will still shine through.

For lovers of the next-big-thing, we’d recommend a bottle of Baron Samedi Dark Spiced Rum; a premium Jamaican pot-still rum infused with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa.


Pick up if you like: a toasty taste

Queensland is home to one of Australia’s greatest spirit distilleries – and if you’re a lover of local rum, you’d already be well-acquainted. Having distilled rum since 1888, Bundaberg Rum is a testament to the fact that even the leanest operation in a small town can make a big impact on the market.

Aged for a minimum of two years, this rum is made from 100% Queensland sugar cane (which gives it lovely flavours of molasses and caramel). Use it in cooking or pair it with some icy cola.


Pick up if you like: local legends

White rum is aged for less time than dark rum, which gives it a different flavour profile. It makes a perfect ingredient for a mojito – which means it’s a great addition to a liquor cabinet… which makes it a great gift, huh?

Bacardi Superior Rum is filtered through charcoal for purity and aged in white oak for a distinctive flavour. Sounds fancy because it IS fancy.


Pick up if you like: feeling a bit ‘superior’

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