The floral tone makes the Mayfair Premium Pink Gin look almost too good to drink. But the flavour of this London-distilled spirit is as light and refreshing as its colour. Notes of strawberry, raspberries and blackcurrants skip over citrusy flavours and smooth out with a classic juniper finish. For simple cocktails such as this, it’s all about quality ingredients and sticking to the measurements to ensure the flavours balance as they should. While the Mayfair Premium Pink Gin is the star ingredient, you’ll also need the bittersweet citrus of Cointreau and a splash of herbal Angostura for depth of flavour. If, after all that attention to detail, you top up your carefully made concoction with a too-sugary soda, all that delicious alchemy will be wasted, so reach for Fever Tree Pink Grapefruit Soda. Your devotion to detail will be rewarded and they relish every sip.