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Drop everything and try this Caramello Koala espresso martini

We’ve added Caramello Koala to an espresso martini and turned it into an affogato – and you need to try it now!

This dessert-worthy cocktail takes a nostalgic chocolate, adds it to the hottest cocktail du jour, then takes serving inspiration from Italy’s famous affogato dessert of coffee poured over ice cream. Our Caramello Koalatini cocktail recipe is an explosion of chocolate and caramel flavours and is sure to be a conversation starter. So, shake up a batch this party season and let the good times roll.

How to make a Caramello Koalatini cocktail

Serves 4 
1-2 tbs chocolate topping
Vanilla ice cream, to serve
4 x 15g Dairy Milk Caramello Koala
  1. Use a pastry brush to brush the chocolate topping around the inside of 4 martini glasses. Place in the freezer for 10 mins or until firm. 
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the Baileys and vodka. Shake for 1 min or until well combined and chilled. 
  3. Place 1 large scoop or 2 small scoops of ice cream in each prepared glass. Strain the vodka mixture into the glasses around the ice cream. Garnish each glass with a Caramello Koala.

Here’s what to buy to make this Caramello Koala cocktail

This is not the kind of cocktail you make with whatever you have lying around. After all, an opened pack of Caramello Koala chocolates isn’t going to last long. This is a party cocktail you’re going to need to shop for, so go all out with the best base ingredients. Start with the original Baileys Irish Cream liqueur – a velvety treat on its own and a must-have for indulgent creamy cocktails that call for hints of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. This is great for any espresso martini twist where using coffee liqueur might overpower the other flavours in the cocktail. For a great-tasting premium vodka, go for Grey Goose Vodka. Distilled in France – the country we have to thank for inventing salted caramel, no less – it’s clear, fresh and aromatic with a subtle sweetness. 

More party-friendly cocktail ideas

Expanding your party drinks menu? If you like the idea of a Caramello Koalatini but want more of a coffee kick, change up the base cocktail using our classic espresso martinisalted caramel espresso martini and more. We recommend checking out the story behind the espresso martini for a bit of cocktail party trivia, too. Your leftover vodka will come in handy for a White Russian cocktail and save some Baileys to whip up an irresistible Toblerone. For fun cocktails with a fruity flavour, go for CosmoFruit TinglePornstar Martini or Fairy floss Margarita.
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