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Enjoy these food and drink pairings on spring weeknights

Enjoy these food and drink pairings on spring weeknights

Flex your skills with food and drink pairings any night of the week – we’ve got great-tasting recipes and drinks that are just right for the new season.

When it comes to the best food and drink pairings, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort – it can be as easy as a 5-ingredient dinner that’s on the table in 30 minutes or less. Grab your bag of groceries, stop in at Liquorland for the drinks and you’ll be tucking into some great flavour combos in almost no time. Try these no-stress food and drink pairing ideas – they’re ideal for spring weeknights.

Tempted to get takeaway? No need – head to the deli for marinated chicken you can pan-fry in minutes. Team with microwavable rice and crunchy slaw for a tasty meal in a bowl that’s even tastier paired with something fizzy and fruity.


Make this: Honey soy chicken & rice bowl – it’s packed with flavour thanks to in-season avo and Kewpie roasted sesame dressing.


Pair it with: A glass of Swanning Around Prosecco or a cold can of award-winning Tinnies IPA.


Why it works: The hints of honey in the prosecco make it a good match for the flavours in the sticky chicken and its delicate pear aromas are delicious with the crisp Asian-inspired slaw. If you’d rather pop open a beer, this dry-hopped brew crafted in Victoria with quality Australian hops has the bitterness to balance that sweetness. Both of these drinks have palate-cleansing fizziness and versatile fruitiness that suits a range of spring dishes, from salads to spicy stir-fries.

There’s so much you can do with mince to make quick and easy weeknight meals, but here’s a trick you may not have tried yet – mix it with crumbled fetta to make 2-ingredient Greek-style rissoles and serve them with a speedy potato and spinach salad. 


Make this: Mediterranean lamb rissoles with potato salad – it’s a spring-friendly spin on the classic meat and three veg.


Pair it with: A bold and juicy Barossa red. A great choice when rissoles or steak are on the menu, Grant Burge 5th Generation Barossa Shiraz has big berry flavours and aromas and soft finish, while fruit-driven St Hallett Faith Shiraz pops with cherry and raspberry notes – pick up an extra bottle to have on hand for pizza night. 


Why it works: There’s a reason why Aussie shiraz is the classic food and drink pairing for red meat dishes like this one – it has the acidity to balance the savoury richness of the mince, with the dark fruit and peppery spice that brings out the best in lamb.  

Spring means asparagus is in season again and that lets you effortlessly level up pasta night. Plus, buying fresh rather than dried pasta means they’ll cook in the same boiling water as the asparagus for the same time – win-win.


Make this: Creamy primavera pasta – the genius sauce is supercharged with green olives marinated in garlic and chilli.


Pair it with: A crisp dry white such as Nepenthe Elevation Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills or Kim Crawford Pinot Gris from NZ. 


Why it works: A vibrant sauvignon blanc like this one is a refreshing match for velvety pasta because the tangy citrus and tropical fruit flavours cut through the creaminess of the sauce. Pairing perfectly with spring greens, it’s the wine equivalent of adding a handful of fresh herbs to your 5-ingredient dish. Pick the pinot gris and you’ll enjoy a complex and aromatic white with floral notes and subtle clove spice.

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