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Haven’t Tried an Alcoholic Ginger Beer? This is Why they Zing

If you’re after a refreshing drink with zest and spice, this is it!

ginger beer

If you have memories of your grandmother serving you a tall glass of ice-cold golden ginger beer, you’re not alone. It’s likely (well, depending on your grandma) it was a non-alcoholic beverage. These days, alcoholic ginger beer is growing in popularity, and with good reason. It’s a crisp, refreshing drink that is great on its own or as a mixer.

Ginger beer or ginger cider?

Alcoholic ginger beer has been made since the 1700s when it was discovered that water, ginger, sugar and a starter culture (similar to yeast) would ferment to make a zippy, boozy beverage.


But despite its name, alcoholic ginger beer isn’t really beer, but more like a cider. It’s made by fermenting ginger and sugar, rather than fermenting a grain. The result is an aromatic, tangy and punchy drink whose appeal has only grown stronger over the centuries.

The best ways to drink alcoholic ginger beer

The great thing about ginger beer is that it’s versatile – you can drink it straight up, as a mixer, with a wedge of lemon or lime, or simply over ice. For an iconic beverage, try a Moscow Mule where ginger beer, vodka and lime juice combine to make a heady, warming cocktail. Or if you’re keen to take your tastebuds on a trip to the tropics, rustle up a Caribbean Mule – with ginger beer, Caribbean rum, lime and pieces of fresh ginger.

Three ginger beers to watch (and drink)

Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer – If you like your ginger beer bold and hard-hitting, then this one is for you. Fat Pixie Hard Ginger Beer is a crisp, dry beverage that has been naturally brewed. But don’t let the initial subtle hum of ginger fool you – it follows up with a real kick.


Matso’s Ginger Beer – Sweetened with Australian cane sugar, this Western Australia-brewed ginger beer is the colour of golden sunshine. It pairs perfectly with rich dishes like pork belly or jerk chicken, where the zingy hit of ginger refreshes your palate after each bite.


Naughty Booch Ginger & Lemon – Who needs to mix ginger beer with anything when you’ve got a drink that tastes this good? Here the juicy flavours of kombucha meet zingy lemon and spicy ginger. The result is a vegan-friendly alcoholic ginger beer that is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

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