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12 Gifts of Christmas

If you (like approximately 99% of the population) balk at the prospect of Christmas shopping, chances are your friends and family are, at this moment in time, almost definitely gift-less. But we have the solution. Twelve liquid ones, in fact. Set to be sure-fire hits with your nearest and dearest, the best part is that you only need to brave one store to get them. (Or order online, we’re not your boss.)

12 Gifts of Christmas

Everyone knows Baileys = Christmas. We leave it out for Santa. We put it in the after-dinner coffees. We add it to the cream for the Christmas pud. We suggest you give Baileys as early on in December as possible, so the recipient has every opportunity to enjoy it.

A classic ‘even-after-20-years-of-this-I-still-don’t-know-what-to-get-dad’ gift. And, this year, you don’t even have to fruitlessly try to disguise the bottle (thank you gift box). The right choice if you’re shopping with T-5 minutes to the parental’s arrival.

Kind of like your oldest friend, this is a seriously good vintage. But probably unlike your oldest friend, it’s rich, smooth and elegant.

Sparkling always takes centre stage at Christmas celebrations. And if this is also an accurate description of someone you know, why not give them a bottle of bubbles – like this one – to cement their rep as the ultimate party starter?

Red fruit. Dark chocolate. A slight hint of festive spices. This wine is virtually a liquid of everyone’s favourite Christmas foods. Gift it to someone who’s already pining for the winter months and an excuse to uncork the red again.

Can you even go wrong with a champagne gift at Christmas? We don’t think so. But you definitely can’t go wrong when it is a Rose. And if you doubt our wisdom, this fruity little number from champers powerhouse Piper-Heidsieck will prove you wrong.

When you really like someone, you give them champagne. And if you really, really like someone you give them this champagne. Because this one is downright delicious. And, almost as importantly, it comes trussed up in a matching gift box, making that prettyyy much a wrap when it comes to your Christmas prep.

The official Christmas T&Cs say you’re not really supposed to give to receive. But these whisky gift packs are asking for it. They all come with two glasses, which 100% means whoever’s on the receiving end is obliged to share the bottle with you.

Coming in at $20, this is a great shout for that last-minute pressie that completely slipped your mind. There are three beers inside. Or, as we like to think of it, three desperate attempts to try and nail Dave from I.T’s fave brew.

Basically, a chocolate box for grown-ups.

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