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Low Calorie Cocktails

We explore low calorie cocktails perfect for the warmer months, as well as some pre-mixed portable options.

Whether it’s a night on the town or on the lounge, cocktails always make the occasion feel that little bit more special. For some, however, they might seem like an exercise in calorie counting more than a treat. Low-calorie cocktails are the perfect answer, offering a leaner option with all the flavours you enjoy. Like to give it a try? Read on for our menu of tasty low-calorie cocktails to sip at home.

The Russian classic: vodka soda

It’s the cocktail so simple, the recipe is in the name. While it might not be much for mixologists to show off on, a vodka soda is a cool and refreshing cocktail with a super-low calorie count.


There’s more nuance here than you might think. The key, really, is in your choice of vodka. The soda then tempers the vodka into a smooth, flavourful glass-filler, a twist of citrus adding that additional little zap.


If you don’t feel like mixing yourself every time, keeping a pack of Smirnoff Seltzer Lime or Smirnoff Seltzer Raspberry Rosé in the fridge is the way to go. Pour into a glass over ice and add a wedge of lime for that extra vibe.

The fruity favourite: gin fizz

A cousin of the Tom Collins, the gin fizz is perfect for sitting, sipping and savouring as the weather gets warmer. Usually, a splash of syrup adds sweetness, but it works as well to leave this out and lose those calories.


The fizz is a cocktail standard – it might surprise you to know the earliest mention in a bartending handbook goes back to 1876. While nearly any spirit works, here’s the famous gin version with a low-cal twist.



Just drop a few ice cubes into a glass, then add the gin, lime juice and cucumber slices. Top up with sparkling water and garnish with mint – a wedge of lime on the edge couldn’t hurt either!

The moody mixer: dark and stormy

Don’t let the name trick you – our light version is a simple mix that’s lower on the calories and made to enjoy whether the weather’s stormy or sunny. The result is full of gingerbread-y goodness.


This easy cocktail is all about its ingredients. You’ll want to choose a rum with plenty of flavour, and a sugar-free ginger beer with some spice.



On top of your ice, pour the rum then splash with a squeeze of lime. Fill the glass with your ginger beer, then slice a wheel from your lime for the final garnish. Lastly – sit back and savour the spices.

The Mexican highball: paloma

Forget the margarita (temporarily, at least) – if you’re looking for a fun Mexican favourite, the paloma has everything going for it and little in the way of calories.


With obscure roots in the bars of Mexico, the paloma mixes tequila with fruit, citrus and soda in a salt-rimmed glass. If you can get your hands-on grapefruit, it’s an unexpected yet refreshing mix to make you think of beaches, friends and fun.



Rub half of your glass’ rim with the grapefruit wedge, then roll through the salt. Mix your grapefruit juice and lime, then add the tequila and top up with soda. Add the grapefruit wedge on the side, and you’re done.

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