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Try these spring food and drink pairing ideas for weeknights

Spring is officially here and that means it’s time to refresh your midweek dinners. Check out these fresh food and drink pairings for the change of season.

Planning your meals for the week? Add some great-tasting drinks to your shopping list, too. When it comes to easy weeknight favourites, there are some classic food and drink pairings that are simply unbeatable – we’re talking beer and nachos, white wine and seafood and a quality red with a good steak. Here are three quick and easy dinner ideas, plus our go-to drink picks to make every night a meal to remember.

No-carb beer with nachos

What’s even better than taco night? How about nacho night? You’re in for a great one with this fast 5-ingredient recipe paired with an easy-drinking, no-carb Aussie 6-pack.

Make this: Cheat’s chicken nachos – coat shredded roast chicken in salsa, pile onto tortilla chips and bake, then team with avo and American BBQ slaw.

Pair it with: Brick Lane Wild Sky Zero Carb Pale Ale, a great-value all-rounder that’s made in Australia.

Why it works: This recipe is lighter than traditional nachos, so you need a beer to match. This zesty Aussie pale ale has only 87 calories per can and has the refreshing citrus and melon flavours you need to lift up the dish.

Sav blanc with BBQ prawns

Aussie seafood and chilled white make a sensational combo in the warmer months, so why wait for the weekend to enjoy them. Pop a savvy B in the fridge and get ready to fire up the barbie for this hearty salad.

Make this: Honey-mustard prawn salad – marinate banana prawns in honey-mustard dressing, barbecue then serve on a crisp iceberg, tomato and rice salad.

Pair it with: Petaluma White Label Sauvignon Blanc – a quality Adelaide Hills white that’s easy to drink and excellent value.

Why it works: To contrast the sweetness of the prawns, you need a wine with crisp, fresh acidity. This one has aromas of passionfruit and herbs, plus grapefruit and honeydew flavours, to seal the deal.

Pinot noir with steak salad

Sometimes breaking the rules in the kitchen really pays off, and pan-frying gnocchi instead of boiling it is one of those occasions. As for red wine with steak, well that’s a rule we’re happy to stick to.

Make this: Steak & gnocchi salad – while the steak is resting, get some baby broccoli on the grill and thank us later.

Pair it with: Pinot noir, of course – Petaluma White Label Pinot Noir is a beauty from the renowned Central Otago region in NZ.

Why it works: This wine looks special but is actually perfect for everyday drinking with salads, pastas and barbecued meats. The vibrant red fruit notes are delicious with the rich flavours of the rump steak and the wine’s silky softness is just right with the pillowy dumplings of gnocchi.

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