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Low-Carb Beers? Here’s Cheers

The best low-carb beers of summer are here

low carb beers

Love the taste of beer, don’t love the beer belly? Thanks to the rise of low-carb beers, you can train for that triathlon and indulge in a few weekend barbie beers, too. Minimising the carbohydrates and calories while still delivering a refreshing brew, low-carb beers are a category that’s been on the rise since Carlton & United Breweries introduced Australia to Pure Blonde in 2004. Boasting around one-third of the carbohydrates found in a regular-strength beer and 80 per cent of the calories, low-carb beers are the result of more sugars being broken down in the brewing process. They’re generally lighter in colour, taste and mouthfeel, making them an easy reach for any lager or ale fan – in fact, there’s a growing tribe of aficionados who celebrate it as the ultimate summer beer.

Give these eight a try:

Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager

The reboot of the first purpose-brewed low-carb beer on the Australian market can still hold its head high. Hersbrucker hops deliver a floral and herbal aroma perfect for this lighter style of beer.

Pure Blonde Premium Mid

The latest addition to the Pure Blonde family is a crisp, mid-strength lager that upholds the label’s low-carb philosophy. File under ‘full flavour, low-carb’.

Pure Blonde Organic Lager

It still has 80 per cent fewer carbs than regular beer, but this all-organic lager – certified by Australia’s leading organic body – brings its full flavour to the party. Boasting a rich golden colour along with notes of applewood and floral hops on a malty palate, it’s the low-carb beer for full-carb beer lovers.

Hahn Ultra Crisp

Going for low-carb gold, Hahn’s latest offering involves a new process that uses rice instead of wheat or barley to create a cleaner, crisper and all-round great tasting beer with light citrus aromas and low bitterness. Hahn Ultra Crisp is also 99 per cent sugar free as well as entirely preservative free and gluten free.

Hahn SuperDry

Hahn’s original low-carb beer, Super Dry has a longer brewing process to deliver maximum taste. With 70 per cent less carbs than regular beer, it’s also on average 99.9 per cent sugar free, with only 99 calories per serve.

XXXX Summer Bright Lager

Queensland heroes XXXX come through with the goods with their sunshine-worthy Summer Bright Lager. All fruity aroma and smooth finish, it’s an easy-drinking (and preservative free) summertime drop.

Peroni Leggera

The image-conscious Italians prove they can go low-carb in style with Peroni’s classy Leggera. Light, crisp and clean, this mid-strength beer is a primo choice for your next get-together.

Brite Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager

The perfect accompaniment to chilling out on a summer afternoon, this crisp-drinking Brite Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager has 80 per cent less carbs than regular beer but doesn’t shirk on the taste: expect a fruity aroma with hints of fresh green hops.

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