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The Best Bottles Of Prosecco Under $20

Award-winning head sommelier from Quay restaurant, wine show judge and all round wine expert Shanteh Wale guides you through the most delicious – and affordable – prosecco wines.

Prosecco bottles under $20

The delightfully fruity sparkling wine that has taken the world by storm in recent years has a history in Italy dating back to the 12th Century. Made primarily with the glera grape, prosecco wine also shares its name with the town that it originated from, in north eastern Italy. Whilst debate still rages over the use of the word prosecco as the geographical protection is being battled, if a bottle is labelled Prosecco DOC, you can rest assured it’s from either Veneto or Fruili- Venezia Giulia, the two regions of origin of the prosecco grape in Italy.


The style of sparkling wine has also made a comfortable home in Australia. Now grown in over 11 regions throughout the country and flourishing in Victoria’s King Valley, it can’t be denied prosecco wine has become an Aussie staple for celebrations and everyday consumption alike.

Here are five top bottles of prosecco, from Italy and beyond, guaranteed to provide the maximum bang for your buck:

Postcards from Italy Prosecco DOC Extra Dry


A wine with familiar orchard fruits, pear nectar and cloudy apple juice. The ripeness of stewed apple and pear fruits gives the wine a richer body but still finishes with a dryness. This wine would work with fish and chips and as a prosecco spritz with a generous squeeze of lemon. Enjoy it on a grassy knoll overlooking the beach.


Sensi 18K Pure Gold Prosecco DOC Brut


You might need sunglasses for this bottle design but inside you’ll find a fruit forward prosecco taste with delicate white pear, white nectarine, and lemon sherbet aroma. Huge amounts of dried pear and quince combine with a great freshness of citrus fruit and fine spritz. The extra dry finish will require you do top ups quicker than expected.


Taylor Made Prosecco, King Valley


Curls of green apple peel, homemade lemonade and a Haribo white gummy bear flavour make this a sweeter prosecco. The wine is a thirst-quenching style with fine mousse. The flavours of peach flesh and residual sugar levels make me think this would be a perfect fit for a fruit plate and pancake breakfast. Mothers deserve breakfast in bed more than one day a year!


Brown Brothers Prosecco NV


If you are after a lively fruit driven style of fizz that will please the entire crowd this is the prosecco for you. Nashi pear, Meyer lemon juice and apple blossom on the nose. The sparkling wine is refreshing, has a delicate bubble and a dry finish. A very well-made wine from the fourth-generation family of Brown Brothers, it encapsulates why the fresh and fruity style works for any occasion, whether you drink it solo or in a prosecco cocktail. Buy more than you think you’ll need, and you won’t regret it.


DeBortoli Prosecco Rosé


A peony pink hue with plenty of strawberries and cream and pink lady apple skin. Surprisingly lifted and juicy on the palate with just a hint of fruit sweetness from the prosecco grapes that add nicely to the mouth feel. It’s picnic perfect, pack it in a basket with some soft cheeses, Italian cured meats and enjoy it in the sun.

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